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Sears Calgary Carpet Cleaning

As a homeowner, you want your carpet to look, feel, and smell fresh. Sears Calgary technicians understand. We are experts at cleaning dirty, matted, carpet—leaving them clean, soft, and virtually odor-free. Sears Carpet Cleaning Calgary will remove the allergens, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander that build up in carpets over time, leaving them grimy and discolored.

Our two-step, professionally-recognized carpet cleaning system can extract dirt, remove stains, eliminate odors, and restore color, leaving your carpet looking and feeling fresh. Our process relies on powerful, industry-leading cleaning solutions that release dirt and grime, followed by a fiber rinse that removes leftover cleaning solution and much of the remaining moisture. That way, your carpet will be dry quicker. After the process, your carpet will feel refreshed and look great in a way that your family and guests will appreciate.

  • Here’s How it Works:
    When our professionally trained, insured cleaning technicians arrive at your home, they start with a pre-inspection to identify problem areas. Then the Sears Multi-Step ULTRACARE ™ cleaning system goes to work making your home and carpets cleaner:
  • STEP 1: Our cleaning technicians use a special heated cleaning solution that is sprayed deep into the fibers to loosen embedded dirt. Dirt and grime get locked into high traffic areas, the combination of the heat and the cleaning solution releases the ingrained dirt allowing it to be extracted.
  • STEP 2: It’s followed by a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your carpet as clean as it can be.
  • Stain Protection & Deodorizers.
    New carpets typically come treated with carpet protectors when delivered to a retail carpet supplier. After heavy foot traffic and frequent vacuuming, however, this protector wears off over time. The reapplication of this protector reestablishes this layer and helps preserve carpet integrity against heavy foot traffic. The protector also helps prevent stains from quickly sinking in after a spill. We recommend an application of “3M Scotchgard Protector” Carpet and Upholstery Protector (optional) and/or “Sanitizer” Deodorizer (optional). Reapplying the carpet protector helps restore protective properties to your carpet, making it easier to care for.
  • Post Cleaning Inspection
    After we finish cleaning your carpets, we will review the entire job with you to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction. If not, we’ll fix it right then. We want you to be completely satisfied before we leave your home. We ensure each of our clients had the best possible experience with Sears carpet cleaning Calgary.

Our Service Experts will extend every professional courtesy and attention to detail that you would expect for both you and your home Sears Capet Cleaning Calgary prides itself on-:

  • Well trained, courteous service technicians that possess lengthy experience with carpet cleaning equipment and techniques. Our personnel are the cornerstone of our business, and they are sure to leave you 100% satisfied with our quality of service.
  • We always offer scheduling flexibility to allow for service calls that fit your busy schedule.
  • Always paying critical attention to highly trafficked areas and troublesome spots, you or we identify.
  • We offer special carpet protectors and deodorizers.
  • Carpets and furniture are cleaned with a unique extraction system that allows your carpet / sofa / chairs to dry quickly after servicing.
  • Always FREE estimates on all cleaning services.
  • No hidden fees.

When having any cleaning order done. Minimum charge of $79.00 applies to all orders, travel charges may apply to outlying areas, please call email text for details.

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